Airport Day

Let's celebrate the awesomeness of airports

What is Airport Day?

Airport Day is the celebration of aviation technologies, the thrill of flying, and the excitement of vacationing. And where can all of this be found? ... Yep, you guessed it, at the airport. Hooray for airports! Celebrate with us.

History Of Airports

The oldest operating airport is the College Park Airport in Maryland. Established in 1909 by Wilber Wright, it was quickly followed by other airports including the Vancouver Washington Airport in 1911, and the Bremen Germany airport in 1913. Early on they were simply fields of grass that could be approached by a plane no matter the wind direction. After World War Two, airports began to be retrofitted into the international travel hubs we now endear.

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Pilot Lingo

Martin-Baker Fan Club - If you eject, you’re a member (a reference to the Martin-Baker company, manufacturer of ejection seats). An official list of members is maintained.

My Fun Meter is Pegged - Sarcastic comment for, “I am not enjoying this any more.

“Back to the Taxpayers” - Where you send a wrecked aircraft.

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